Bernajean's L.A.T. Spectrum assesses the category of learning when using technology tools. The H.E.A.T. Chart provides a path for increasing the rigor and value of technology's role as a catalyst for "transforming" learning activities and lesson ideas. Strive for the highest return on learning [ROL] for the investment of resources and time involved!

HEATing UP Learning Chart 2018.jpg


Possible Uses of H.E.A.T. Chart

  • Increasing group brainstorming ideas to increase the power of technology's role when designing lesson tasks.

  • Self-assessing lesson plans for "GREEN" light - ready to go!

  • Fine Tuning Protocol conversations with teacher teams.

  • Informal and/or informative technology evaluations.

  • Formal and/or summative technology evaluations.

Download the H.E.A.T. Chart [PDF]