Learning Lab THREE:

H.E.A.T.-ing UP Tasks with Transforming Uses of TechnologyiStock_000002035130XSmall.jpg

Task: Engage group brains to operate as a think tank for H.E.A.T.-ing up a learning task that increases the Headware not the Hardware using the concepts experienced today

Driving Question: What does it look like to go from Good to GREAT learning tasks that blend rigor, curiosity, relevance and transforming uses of technology? Which of the group ideas generated the MOST H.E.A.T. and why?

Small Group Strategy Organize groups of three for a transforming "think tank." Each group will create ONE transforming, engagingly HOT performance task - demonstrating rigor and relevance.

Large Group Strategy Each table group will create together ONE transforming, engagingly HOT performance task. Break the table group into two smaller subgroups FIRST with even numbered (2 & 4) team pairing and odd numbered (1 & 3) team pairing to work together to brainstorm ideas to consider. Then merge BEST thinking from both groups together. This process of subgroups creates more air space for participation as well as an opportunity to have more ideas generated. Use any tools that might be useful or . . . no tools at all . . . just ol' fashion voices and note taking.

Directions Each think tank group will transform the common task of asking students for a written book report into ONE bestest and greatest group idea. Use the handout templates attached as a graphic organizer for planning - not literally filling it out but as a GUIDE ONLY. Design a general text description that will convey BEST idea for transforming the traditional TELL ABOUT summary report for books into a rigorous, relevant and engagingly HOT learning task that purposefully challenges students to think and understand deeply the meaning of the book. Consider not just incorporating technology tools but how technology can accelerate processes while allowing students to express meaning not possible without the tools.

Handout(s) for Planning and Thinking

Sharing/Thinking Each room will have a designated group recorder post their final inspiring transforming drafted idea to ietherpad.com shared writing space. All rooms ideas submitted will be reviewed asking participants to choose the idea with the MOST appealing and MOST H.E.A.T. developed and . . . . WHY

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