VoiceThread Lab

Join the Conversations! Explore a few of the voicethread examples. Record your narrative reflections for ONE example to the following four questions @ ietherpad.com ~ a collaborative writing tool.

  1. What is your critique of the H.E.A.T. revealed in this student work?
  2. What TYPE of Communication are you seeing?
  3. Are you viewing NOTS, LOTS or HOTS work?
  4. Any advice for “HEAT~ing” up this task or student work into extra extra sizzling H.O.T.?

Directions for Viewing VoiceThreads:

• Choose a project to view and click for link. You can view without signing in BUT if you choose to comment they will ask for your account. If you do not have your own VT account, sign-in using the username/password information provided below.

• Note: VoiceThread will ask whether you want to upload a photo or not - choose the option of later. A random icon will be assigned to you. But for class projects, either student images or icons can be added to create up to thirty (30) different users on one account. These images are then available for all projects collected within this single account.

Username = bernajean@bjpconsulting.com
Password = joyfulkids

Explore FAV VoiceThreads

  • Eracism Debate w/ middle school students from seven countries - hosted this winter - expected to run again - needed to present arguments - reasons - and evidence. They had to win both the affirmative and negative side to win the final tournament!

  • Great Depression Project - a docudrama "mashing" social studies, research, and poetry standards together. Reflect on - did they make the facts, era, experiences of the depression come alive?

  • Booo Global Warming - science fair project on polar bears! Reflect on content - NOTS, LOTS or HOTS? reflect on voice performance?

  • Amazing Hug - Deaf students share their field trip to the zoo!

  • Internment Camp Letters (4th Grade Tolerance Unit Historical Fiction Letters) - I love the critical friend comments from living survivors of Internment Camps - see second slide feedback comments.

  • Third Grade Weather Poetry (enjoy the expressive voices sharing their original art and poems - Checkout Slide #4 -->the wind is my FAV) Reflect on voice performance! And ponder the experience of learners getting feedback from young and adults on their work. I was captured by the left bottom chest icon - a young girl gave her own interpretive reading of this poem as a comment.

  • Three Little Pigs - note the student's conclusion of the moral of the story - adds rigor - love her "performing" voice too!

  • A Mash-up w/ Catcher in the Rye - Reflect on whether this high school work goes beyond a book report telling the story - is this a summary or another type of communication? Reflect on author's conclusion at the end.

  • Robert Frost StoryKeepers Camp - A group of educators experienced reading/writing multimedia expressing a time when choices and decisions touched our lives. Reflect on the variety of approaches to telling their story - which one appealed to you?

Other Resource Ideas