Participatory 2.0

“Snowflakes are one of nature’s most fragile things, but just look what they can do when they stick together." Vesta M. Kelly

Participatory 2.0 ~ Engaging and Empowering Groups for Thinking, Reflecting, Creating Knowledge Products and Making Decisions Together both Synchronously and Asynchronously. A host of ideas and tools for both adult and student groups needing to work real-time (live) as well as the option of flex-time (personal choice) on collaborative projects that matter with awesome benefits for building highly functional, learning communities!

Learning Lab Directions: Review a minimal of three (3) web resources for supporting collaborative activities in the classroom. Share 2-3 sentences of most FAV tool discovered AND at least one (1) idea of applying or activating it for learning in the classroom @ FavTools

Before you begin . . . Consider this BFO ~ a blinding flash of the obvious! Use your "magic" glasses to peer past the glitter of the tools - remembering it is the cognitive tasks and extended roles for learners in accelerating and owning their learning that determines the added-value of using technology tools. As you view a web 2.0 tool - begin to sort its use for learning tasks possible when using the tool. AND what do you gain - what would you lose by using a digital tool rather than F2F processes?

Virtual_Work_GRID.jpgGroup Visioning

  • Step ONE: Using for small groups of 3-4 stakeholders to collectively develop one-page future scenarios 7-12 in the future. Each scenario is written as first person, positive, present-tense narratives AS IF they are already living the values and qualities they want to create. The goal is to make the future so real as to be imagined possible. Critical friend groups are invited to respond using CHAT BOX only.

  • Step TWO: Using as a process for groups to list common qualities found within all the future scenarios. Vote up or vote down TOP qualities. The final list will become the vocabulary list for shaping the wording of a vision statement.

  • Step THREE: Use the cluster of vocabulary words as a "word bank" within an ietherpad for small groups to shape a collaborative statement reflecting the group's vision.

Group BrainStorming Tools

  • Mindmapping (generic brainstorming strategy - lots of web tools for this process)

    1. ~ A flash based brainstorming tool that you can share with others and also embed in to your site.

    2. ~ A desktop-only app that runs on Windows XP or Vista.

    3. CmapTools ~ Free to universities, students, federal employees, and individuals for personal use.

    4. ~ A free mind mapping and brainstorming tool from the Open University.

    5. ~ A bit of a different mapper in that it focuses on mapping out debates, whether they be political or business.

    6. ~ Draw & share all sorts of diagrams and mind maps.

    7. ~ Based on Microsoft’s Silverlight, offers basic and premium packages, can handle images, hyperlinks and more.

    8. ~ Allows for multiple users, embedding into sites, and inclusion of items such as Wikipedia entries.

    9. ~ Basic accounts are free, premium will bring you more features, but costs $6 a month. Allows hypertext, images and more.

    10. MindMeister ~ Simultaneously work on maps with friends and colleagues and see changes as they happen. Also comes as a mobile app.

  • Cacoo (real-time collaborative mindmapping)

  • Edistorm (brainstorming with stickynotes)

  • Wallwisher (real-time collaborative brainstorming of ideas / comments using post-it notes)

Group Decision-Making (Prioritizing / Voting) Tools

Group Work Tools
VenueGen ~ 3D Immersive Meetings

  • Group Scheduling / Calendaring - Doodle

  • Social Media Environments for Schools and Youth ~ Edmodo (a free collaborative environment for classrooms - social media rich - changes the culture of learning spaces, Everloop (youth-based blogging), Twiducate,

  • PRIVATE Text Chat Rooms for Feedback / Inputs ~ TodaysMeet, Chatzy, NeatChat

  • PRIVATE Video Chat Rooms (Sharing Workspaces) for Virtual Teams ~ Skype, TinyChat, GoToMeetings

  • 3D Virtual Meeting / work Spaces ~ VenueGen, SecondLife, OpenSim,

  • Collaborative Spaces ~ visualize, explore, and collaborate (anything you can sketch shows up real-time)~ Dabble Board , Vyew CoSketch

  • Collaborative Writing Spaces ~ Collabedit, ietherpad, TypeWithMe, Zoho Writer,

  • Collaborative Resource Sharing ~ Diigo,

Student Collaborative Projects

  • Project Noah - a tool to explore and document wildlife and a platform to harness the power of citizen scientists everywhere.

  • iEARN Learning Circles Telecollaboration Projects - Learning Circles are highly interactive, project-based partnerships among a small number of schools located throughout the world. There are two sessions each year or be inspired with suggestions on how to structure your own cross-classroom collaborations.

  • Shout! Explore - Connect - Act - Connect online with experts in the field, share ideas, and collaborate with people around the world committed to solving environmental challenges.

  • FanFiction - an interactive writing site providing "fans" all over the world a place to share their own creative expressions of imaginative stories based on characters (or simply fictional characters) from the original work.

  • MyGLife - empowering youth worldwide to create and collaborate online - because all of us are smarter than one of us

  • ePals - leading provider of safe collaborative technology for schools to connect and learn in a protected, project-based learning network. With classrooms in 200 countries and territories, ePals makes it easy to connect learners locally, nationally or internationally.

  • QuestAtlantis - an international learning and teaching project that uses a 3D multi-user environment to immerse children, ages 9-16, in educational tasks. QA combines strategies used in the commercial gaming environment with lessons from educational research on learning and motivation.

  • FringeHog - a collaborative social media project that is creating an interactive map of photographs and images that illustrate emerging ideas about the future.

  • a commercial product for making news programs with a global connection with students world wide to swap news stories.

Additional Resource Collections to Explore and Consider