All Technology Uses are NOT Equal

  • Defining teachers' "effective" uses of technology
  • Determining the role of technology in accelerating high-yielding learning practices across our classrooms
  • Understanding three categories [Literacy-Adapting-Transforming] of learning uses with technology
  • Sorting skills for HOT or NOT
  • Ranking evidence for learners' demonstrating mastery - rigor and relevance
  • Practicing Turning UP the H.E.A.T.
  • Preparing for Learning Walks and follow-up webinar w/ Bernajean

Agenda Topics
Agenda and Outcomes
Group Process: Dialogue #1 - Modern or Not?
Group Process: Dialogue #2 - Effective Uses of Technology or Not?
Info Topic: Technology Accelerates Something
Info Topic: Added-value ~ New Stories or Same Stories
Info Topic: Literacy - Adapting - Transforming Spectrum of Uses
Group Process: Practice Coding for L-A-T
Group Process: Dialogue #3 - Flipping or Not?
Group Process: Simulating a Building Learning Walk
Info Topic: Unpacking the Learning Walk
Group Process: Hallucinating Building Data
Info Topic: Harvesting "Rigor-fied" Learning Strategies
Group Process: JigSawing "Turning UP the H.E.A.T."
Info Topic: E for Engaged Learners
Group Process: Question Storming
Info Topic: PBL ~ Brains on Fire! Hearts on Fire!
Info Topic: Using Student Digital Products as Evidence - Rigor or NOT
Group Process: Scoring Student Work for Rigor or NOT
Info Topic: Q&A for Learning Walks
Group Process: Unpacking BIG Ideas
Closing: Advice To Our Future Selves

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