Brains on Fire! Hearts on Fire!

Brains Book Title MockUP.jpgPerhaps the most important understanding for adults is that students are volunteers, whether we want them to be or not. Their attendance can be commanded, but their attention must be earned. Their compliance can be insisted on, but their commitment is under their own control. ~ Schelcty

Going to school is not the same as getting an education or becoming a fearless, joyful lover of learning. Students are volunteers–educators may be able to muster general compliance but a learner’s attention and commitment has always been under their own control. Igniting a passion for learning cannot be done without engaging students as active partners in meeting academic challenges inspired by personalized choices [agency] that deliver rigorous and relevant experiences. Explore “Turning UP the H.E.A.T.™” (Higher Order Thinking - Engaged Learners - Authentic Tasks and added-value Technology Uses) as high-yielding instructional strategies for growing individualized cultures of curiosity, thinking and mastery of curriculum. Participants will leave inspired to incorporate H.E.A.T.™ strategies, harnessing technology’s capacity for unleashing every student's inner fire for owning learning, thinking, and communicating in a digital age.

Session Handouts

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Engaged Learning Adventures

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Tools for Students Documenting Own Learning

  • Lesson Ideas Using eScrapbooking for Thinking and Learning
  • Ten APPS for Students Documenting Learning
  • Explain EveryThing
  • DoodleCast
  • Common Craft
  • Plain English - a la RSA or Stop Motion
  • Paper Slides
  • VideoStudio XV - Video + StopMotion
  • VoiceThread
  • ePortfolio Tools like Wix, Wikis, Nings, CarbonMade, or PupilPages

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