Give me a "T" for Transforming Uses of Technology

Give me a T.097.jpg

Technology accelerates something? What is the something you want to have happen? This is not a Toys R U spree for shopping. Every dollar counts towards making the most happen for kids. We are not really buying "stuff" - we are buying learning stories made possible by the "stuff." Are you making NEW stories or just decorating the stories you already have? Being modern is not about having updated teaching tools - it is about shifting practices so that we create learning environments that empower students to own their own learning with a PASSION!

Again . . .IT is NOT about using technology! It is about the added-value to make something happen that could not have happened without the technology resources considered "Return-on-Learning" [R.O.L.].

Begin to ASK: What high-yielding instructional practices would a digital tool or use be able to accelerate? If you had IT (a technology) what would IT do for kids?

Media Making Decision Tree ~ How are Modes and Tools Serving Learning Tasks?


Identify TYPES of communication first. This define the content purpose and audience needs. The TYPE of Communication organizes your content like docudrama or PSA. See the Letter "H" for examples. It keeps the focus on learning tasks FIRST - what technology you use to learn, think or communicate package comes after establishing the task. Use DigiTales' Student Scoring Guides for assessment tools focused on purpose and audience.

Give students a choice of MODES. These are the generic mediums that used to package your message for others like podcasting, comic books, dramatic blogs, or movies. Every medium has a grammar and fluency that influences the content of the message being packaged.

Finally let students choose their TOOLS. Tools are the software choices available to create your Type & Mode. Tools will vary over time by grade level, hardware and software access. More and more choices come every day - keep your eye on the work NOT learning tools out of context.

See Inspiring Inquiry Digital Tools wiki page organizing tools by FUNCTIONS for thinking, learning and communicating!