Give me an "E" for Empowered Learners

Give me an E for Empowered .066.jpgHow "sticki" is the learning task for students? What is the passion, zest, and energy generated with the learning task? Who OWNS the learning? Adding novelty with "tech toys" to traditional learning tasks in order to entice students to do work they are NOT generally inclined to do is NOT the job of technology. Using technology also NOT about entertaining or amusing or making students more willing to do what the teacher wants them to do. MORE is possible.

For many years - there has been a call for "engaged" learning that challenged teachers to make learning more meaningful, relevant, social, and human. But though "engaged learning" expanded the traditional teacher-centric classroom - the design of learning tasks and ownership in the teacher's corner. Even differentiated learning seems to have evolved into teachers owning the issue of designing for differences.

But going beyond "engaged" changes everything! EMPOWERING students is about the ownership of the learning tasks and the environment evolving into learner-centric work.
The culture of PBL [Passion-based Learning] is about student ownership and self-directed learning goals and tasks that deepens attention and commitment to their own learning.

EMPOWERED learning purposefully guides students to discover and nurture their abilities to deliver success THEIR own way in a learner-centric classroom, taking responsibility and active participation in the elements of curiosity (using OPEN reasoning/thinking questions that requires making meaning), affinity (learner interests, talents and strengths), and agency (personal ownership of learning with intrinsic motivation) and choices while learning in ways that FLOW is created with the task and work being produced.

These qualities make the kind of task that screams --"You CAN'T make me stop learning!"

Creating Cultures of Empowerment


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