Turning UP the H.E.A.T. aka Project Headware ~ Where's the Beef!

Guiding Questions
  • How can we distinguish digital products that deliver HOT (information production) or NOT (information consumption) representing "deep understanding"?

  • How can colleagues use H.E.A.T. metaphor to craft high-yielding student tasks featuring rigor and relevance?

  • What technology tools can accelerate students' capacity to create meaning for themselves and others?

  • Defining "effective" ROL uses of technology
  • Determining the role of technology in accelerating high-yielding learning practices across our classrooms
  • Understanding three categories [Literacy-Adapting-Transforming] of learning uses with technology
  • Sorting skills for HOT or NOT
  • Ranking evidence for learners' demonstrating mastery - rigor and relevance
  • Practicing Turning UP the H.E.A.T.

Getting Started

Today's Meet Notes - lots of great ideas!

Learning Lab

Today's Tools and Handouts

  • Real-time Collaborative BrainStorming - Corkboard.Me
  • Real-time Collaborative MultiMedia Brainstorming PLUS - LinoIt.com [BJP'sSample]
  • Realtime Microblogging - Today'sMeet.com
  • Real-time Polling - PollEverywhere.com
  • Real-time Collaborative Writing - ietherpad.com
  • Asynchronous Publishing / Reflecting - Voicethread.com
  • Idea Generator - Mix and Match Tasks with Products

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