Learners as Information Curators

Getting information off the internet is like drinking from a fire hydrant hose. ~ Mitchell Kapor
A growing ocean of facts, opinions and ideas in all formats introduces students to more information than previously conveyed by teachers and textbooks. Not all information is equal. With 77% of students taking the ICT test not being able to identify credible, reliable sources, it is mission critical for all citizens to be able to recognize when information is needed and have the ability to use curation literacies, tools and processes to locate, verify, capture, and annotate while effectively using and socializing information to communicate with others. Curation requires the ability to organize, categorize, tag and know how to make the content available to others while managing it for effective communication. “Quality” curation takes higher level thinking skills. Just like a museum curator cannot include every piece of art created this has criteria for filtering most valuable, an information curator continually finds, groups, organizes and shares the BEST and most RELEVANT content on a specific issue. Let's prepare our students and ourselves to be high-yielding, credible meaning-makers with well-rehearsed skills and tools for separating "art" from junk online.

Info Fluency Tools and Links
  • InfoWhelm YouTube Video
  • 60 seconds on Internet InfoGraphic
  • RadCab ~ A Vehicle for Mastering Information Fluency
  • Take the Kermit Challenge a la Digital Investigator
  • BibMe ~ Citation Tool
  • Wizard Tools for INFO Fluency

Bernajean's Curators a la Twitter and BlogsMyPLEdiagram-768x1024.jpg

  • Jackie Gerstein

  • Jason Ohler [Alaska]
  • David Warlick
  • Sir Ken Robinson [ British]
  • Tony Vincent
  • Jeff Johnson [Canadian]
  • Jill Hobson [Georgia]
  • Bron Stuckey [Australian]
  • Julie Lindsay [Australian]
  • Scott McCleod [Iowa]
  • Chris Lehman [New Jersey]
  • Jeff Holte [Congo]
  • Chris Smith [Thailand]

PLN - PLE Tools and Link


Young Curator Adventures

Community and Personal Curation Tools and LinksCuration Tools.026.jpg