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TASK: Cruise and CODE ideas suggested by others as HOT or NOT

Driving Question for this TASK: Which idea(s) provides most the RIGOROUS workout for the brain with a value-added role for transforming use of technology tools and . . . why?

Team Jigsaw Practice

Grouping Strategy: Team Pairs will FIRST complete the task reviewing the tool ideas matching their group name THEN skim through any other tool ideas as time allows:
  • all ONE peeps will first view ideas for Prezi
  • all TWO peeps will first view ideas for Wallwisher
  • all THREE peeps will first view ideas for Wordle
  • all FOUR peeps will first view ideas for VoiceThread
  • all FIVE peeps will first view ideas for Twitter

Directions: Review the ideas with your partner for designated tool FIRST. Peer past the idea for using the tool and code the cognitive task - does the idea seem trivial or superficial (NOTS)? does it suggest creative packaging of existing information (LOTS or info consumers) or does the idea require learners to go BEYOND existing information to make meaning (HOTS or info producers)?

Select ONE idea from the pool of ideas suggested - the one that provides an engagingly HOT learning task and . . . then share using ietherpad links your choice along with what was specifically appealing PLUS WHY you selected it as EXTRA HOT!
  1. Prezi (SlideShows)
  2. Wallwisher (Post-it Notes)
  3. Wordle (Word Patterns)
  4. VoiceThread (Publishing / Reflecting)
  5. Twitter (Microblogging for Reflecting / Sharing)

Sharing/Reflecting Thinking:Post your team's choices and reflections @ designated ietherpad - sign with team names - describe your choice for most HOT and WHY you choose this idea. What other engagingly HOT ideas or links using this tool would you add for educators to consider?

After posting your conclusion, use the CHAT BOX in bottom right to dialogue with others in understanding their choices - do you agree or disagree - without writing in the main space.

  1. ieitherpadPREZI
  2. ietherpadWALLWISHER
  3. ietherpadWORDLE
  4. ietherpadVOICETHREAD
  5. ietherpadTWITTER

Other Idea Lists for Products

This Task Brought to You By:

About ietherpad.com: This collaborative real-time ONLY allows 15 log-ons at a time -love the jump in approach of creating a public pad without having to signup, register or email others to join up - All you need is to share out the URL to work with others. It can be used synchronously or asynchronously - so AFTER our lab activity - anyone can come back and view the other groups' thinking and dialogues.