What is a MODE?

MODES of Communication BEST SLIDE.050.jpgA MODE is the genre or category of media tools [slide shows, comic books, paper slide shows, animations]. AFTER creating the content for TYPE of Communication - the next decision is the MODE of media-making that will be used to package the content. As a last choice . . . will be choosing from the array of tools to create the MODE being made. Take a peek at Bernajean's YouTube Talk video clip below - enjoy sooo many creative and engaging ways to package your thinking, content and messages!

WARNING!!!! - a quality production requires more than knowing the tool functions - strive to help student authors also become fluent in the "syntax and grammar" of each MODE. For example, there are so many horrid slide shows! It's not about just using the technical functions but being able to design with an understanding of syntax and grammar that holds attention and activating "sticky learning" for that MODE!!! "Presentation Zen" by Garth Reynolds which discusses the syntax and grammar with principals of design will accelerate any presenter's craftsmanship and success!

The same is true for any other MODE - consider learning the technical AND syntax of these MODES simultaneously! That is the winning path to creating GREAT communication media! Check out Bernajean's upcoming Micro-Credentials [MC] hosted by Consilience for bite-size learning in each MODE.

Contact Bernajean@Digitales.us for interest in signing up for the Craftsmanship Micro-Credentials.

GOOD NEWS. . . Bernajean now has Micro Credentials with learning the syntax and grammar for many of these various MODES to support teachers coaching their students in these communication skills. Email Bernajean for more information about Workshops, Webinars and Micro Credentials @ info@digitales.us

Watch Bernajean's YouTube Talk

Types Modes Tools.020.jpgPSA - What MODR.021.jpg

* Bernajean's Best-of-the-Best Choices

Video Editing


Comics -Graphic Novels

Talk AloudSlide Shows and otherModern "Chalk Talks"

• iMovie $$ [ios devices]

• Animoto [cloud / APP] - Best for celebrations,vitas AND book trailers

• ComicLife [$$]

• VideoScribe [cloud + APP]
Animated Drawing

• Final Cut PRO [ios $$]

• VideoScribe [cloud + APP]
Animated Talks

• Pixton [cloud]

• Present.me [cloud]
Voice Annotated Slides

VideoStudio PRO [PC $]

• MovieStorm [cloud] 3D animation

• ToonCam APP [video + stills]

• MoveNote [cloud] Voice Annotated Slides

• MovieMaker [PC - limited]

• Plotagon [cloud] 3D animation PLUS
real-time script to action feature

• Manga Comic APP

• Doodle Cast [APP] Talk and Draw

• PhotoStory [PC - limited]

• JellyCam [MAC / PC] - stop motion
with laptop cam

• Super Hero APP by Duck Duck

• Explain EveryThing [APP] Talk and Draw

• Adobe SPARK [cloud + APP]

• Tellagami APP

Comic Master [cloud] - online graphic novels

• ShowMe [APP] Talk and Draw

We-Video [cloud]

• iStopMotion APP

• ToonTastic 3D APP

• Splice APP

• iTimeLapse APP

• iMovie APP [$$]

• PowToon [cloud]

• Jay-cut [cloud]

• PuppetPals APP

• iAnimate APP

• Animaker [cloud]

• DoInk Animation APP

Modes Variations.004.jpg

UncommonlyCreative Media-Making

• Zooburst [cloud] 3D pop-up books

• Newsmaker.tv [PC and ipad] - step-by-step new reporting

• Doink GreenScreen APP
• Little Bird Tales [cloud] Elem
• NeverEndingStories [cloud] - Text-based Choose Your Own Adventures
InkleWriter [cloud] - Choose Your Own Adventure text
• How-to Create "Choose-Your-Own-Adventure" Videos a la YouTube [tutorial]
• How-to "Choose Your Own Adventure" a la Google Slides [tutorial]
• Vintago APP [Silent Films]
• Peanut Gallery Silent Films [cloud]
• Silent Films APP
• ThingLink [cloud] - interactive poster - great for interactive cartoons and infographics
Myths and Legends Creator